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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Colors and Coats

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel colors make these dogs arguably the most beautiful of man’s best friends!
Cavalier King Charles
                                      Spaniels come in four colors:
                                      Blenheim, Ruby, Tricolor and Black
                                      and Tan.
These charming dogs come in four Cavalier King Charles color combinations.  It's difficult to decide on your favorite Cavalier color!

The coats of Cavalier King Charles puppies may at first seem quite short, but in time, they will grow long, luxurious ears, silky feathers from their legs, a lovely plumed tail, and an Elizabethan ruff of fur under their chins.

The coat of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is never trimmed (though it is acceptable to trim the bottom of the footpads). Cavalier tails are never docked, as is sometimes done in other breeds.
To keep your Cavalier's coat as silky and beautiful as it deserves to be, grooming your dog several times a week is recommended. Regular brushing keeps snarls and matting under control and helps to distribute the natural oils through your puppy's skin for a healthy shine. In the spring and fall, when shedding can be an issue, a daily brushing will also help keep shedding to a minimum.

Blenheim Cavaliers

Ollie is a Blenheim Cavlier
                                      King Charles SpanielCavaliers whose coats have a white background and chestnut markings are referred to as Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, a tribute to Blenheim Palace where the Duke of Marlborough raised this popular breed.

Black & Tan Cavaliers

                                      is a Black and Tan Cavalier.Black and Tan Cavaliers have a black body with tan highlights, most notably tan eyebrows, cheeks, chest, legs and beneath the tail.

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Ruby Cavaliers

                                      is a Ruby Cavalier King Charles
                                      SpanielRuby Cavaliers are intended to be entirely chestnut in color.  Can Rubys have white in their coats? Many do. It's not really important for companion animals, though for showing, a Ruby that is truly 100% liver-colored is preferred.

Tricolor Cavaliers

Bryce is a Tri Color Cavalier
                                      King Charles SpanielTri color Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are a mixture of white, tan and black. The ears and area surrounding the eyes will be black, separated by a splash of white.

Tricolors have tan markings over the eyes, on the cheeks and beneath the tail. This color combination is the most unusual and often carries the highest price tag.

A word of caution...

                                              King Charles Spaniel
                                              puppies in all four
                                              colors: Blenheim, Ruby,
                                              Tricolor and Black and

A word of caution in choosing your first Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy. Don’t be fooled into thinking your Cavalier Spaniel puppy’s coat will stay exactly the same as he grows. Like many other breeds, Cavalier King Charles puppies grow into their colors.

If you pick out a Blenheim Cavalier puppy because you love the look of his all-white muzzle, it’s a sure bet that your little companion will grow in some chestnut “freckles” to surprise you!

But after all, isn't watching your puppy grow into his adult coat really half the fun?

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