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Best Dog Food for Cavaliers

The best dog food for
                                      cavalier king charles spaniel is
                                      NOT found in the dishwasher!

How can you can give your pet the best dog food for the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed?

Many people fear that feeding their dogs a commercially made dog food may NOT be the answer. Why?

What's in Your Dog's Food?

  • Dog food labels are confusing and difficult to decipher. What exactly is a "meat by-product", anyway?
  • Chemicals and preservatives in commercially made dog food have been known to cause cancer, liver dysfunction, major organ failure, immune system collapse, severe allergic reactions, and more.
  • Did you know Sodium Pentobarbital (the chemical used to kill animals) ends up in commercial dog food!?!

What your dog food should NOT contain:

By-Products in dog food are basically animal parts not fit for human consumption. Bones, organs, blood, intestines, chicken beaks, feet, etc.

Worst of all is the fact that commercial dog food can contain materials taken from dead and diseased animals.

It's been reported that the City of Los Angeles alone sends two hundred tons of cats and dogs - which have been euthanized with sodium pentobarbital -  to rendering plants every month!  They end up in your dog's food.

Under AAFCO guildelines, pet food is allowed to contain livers infested with worms or cirrhosis, lungs filled with pneumonia and cancerous animal tissue.

Do you really want your dog eating that?

What about "natural" dog foods?

If you're thinking you're in the clear by buying products advertised as "natural", think again.  So-called natural dog food may still include harmful chemicals and preservatives.

Dog food manufacturers are not required to list preservatives that they themselves do not add to the product.  They are allowed to ignore the possibility that the meat they received from rendering plants was already contaminated.

Life's Abundance dog
So what should be the ingredients in your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel's food?

First, educate yourself and consider your options.  Do you really have the time, energy and nutritional know-how to make your dog's food at home? Or are you looking for the best possible commercially-made pet food?
This online video is published by the company who produces the pet food I decided to buy for Bentley after months of searching for the best commercially-produced food. This pet food was developed by a reknown veterinarian, Dr. Jane Bicks DVM, and is made of only the highest quality ingredients.

Best Food For Your Pet

What I Feed My Cavalier, Bentley

People are always asking me what I feed Bentley. Here's my answer: Bentley gobbles up Life's Abundance Premium Dog Food and begs for Antioxidant Bars Dog Treats. 

I also feed our cat, Matilda,
Life's Abundance Premium Health Food for Cats and Instinctive Choice Premium Canned Cat Food

Life's Abundance Premium
                                        Health Food for Dogs and CatsBoth Bentley and Matilda are thriving on these healthy pet foods, and I recommend them from my personal experience. Plus, these pet foods are sold with a complete 30-day money back guarantee, so there's really no reason not to see what they can do for your best friend!

Other Ideas

However, if you're interested in learning how to make your own dog food, here are some online eBooks you might find useful.  Both come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

   By Andrew Lewis - This book provides a wealth of information about dog health and nutrition. He'll teach you
  • how to read a dog food label  and the tricks manufacturers use to fool you
  • easy-to-follow nutritional guide and calorie requirements for your dog
  • what human foods are safe for your dog and which ones can kill your pet
  • over 35 recipes for creating your own healthy dog food
  • many other health tips and ways to lengthen your dog's life
Healthy Food for Dogs: Homemade Recipes
    By John Miller - This book provides 245 homemade recipes for healthy dog food.
  • economical recipes for dogs of all ages
  • biscuit recipes for treats your dog will love
  • make your own dog shampoo
  • eliminate dog bad breath
  • natural recipe to keep fleas away

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