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 Lisa's Story

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Two lovely little
                                          Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
                                          puppies"Hi, I am the proud owner of 2 beautiful puppies.  Cedar is a female Blenheim and Timber is a Tri-colored male.  I purchased both at a pet store in Denver.  We bought them at separate times. 
I am concerned about the pet store where we purchased them and wonder if they are worthy of selling these dogs.  We paid a lot of money for them and have many concerns now that we have done more research on the breed.
When we purchased Timber, we were completely unaware of what was to come.  We took him to Pet Smart before our journey home.  We live in Wyoming and wanted to get the basics to accommodate him during the 6 hour drive.
While we were there, a Pet Smart employee asked to pet Timber.  Of course, that wasn't a problem.  After holding the puppy, the employee threw us for a loop.  He told us that we needed to get the dog to a vet ASAP!
Timber Sage, a
                                          Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
                                          puppyWhen we were at the pet store where we bought Timber, we noticed he had a runny nose.  I had asked the clerk at the pet store if that was normal. I was told it was no big deal and that if we wanted, we could have him checked by our vet when we got home and the store would pay for any cost incurred.
The employee at Pet Smart however, was a lot more concerned about the health of our puppy.  When Timber's nose ran, it was more like dripping.  Apparently not a good thing.
Well, we got our things and were off.  I was petting the little guy when I felt something on his stomach.  I turned Timber over and noticed he had stitches!  Completely unaware of this prior to purchasing him, and having no idea why the stitches were there, I called the pet store.  They told me Timber had had an umbilical hernia. (Later, we have to pay to have it redone, because because the original surgery had been done so poorly).
By this time I was furious, but I was not going to take the dog back to the pet store since they obviously don't care about their animals or the condition of them!
The next day I took him to our Vet. Timber was immediately put on antibiotics due to a high white blood cell count.  Our Vet told me to watch him very closely because he was very sick.  The puppy had no energy at all and just laid on my chest.  As the hours wore on, I noticed his breathing became more labored.
Once again, I rushed him to the vet.  This time he was admitted to the hospital.  He was treated with massive antibiotics intravenously.  I wasn't told this at the time, but no one at the Vet's office expected Timber to live through the night. 
The next day I called and was told that he was responding to the antibiotics.  However, he was still very sick and had to stay in the hospital for at least a couple of days.  He had only 10 percent lung capacity.  Had I not taken him to the Vet when I did, Timber certainly would have died.
Two and a half days later, I was able to pick him up and take him home.  I learned that he had pneumonia and almost certainly would have shown the symptoms of his illness while he had been at the pet store.  Upon further investigation, I found that he had been treated with 2 nebeulizer treatments and a round of antibiotics while he was in the care of the pet store.  Of course, none of this was told to me at the time I bought Timber.
I had no reason to be concerned about the validity of the pet store because we had purchased our other Cavalier, Cedar, there previously.  But to have them sell us a puppy they knew was ill and had undergone surgery without disclosing it to us is totally unacceptable!
I am definitely glad that we had bought Timber.  If we hadn't, he would have died.  Clearly they weren't monitoring his sickness as they should have.
They did pay the vet bill, but only because the pet store owner thought I would raise a stink in her store...(another long story).
I want to do something about this so other customers don't have to experience the mental anguish that I had to.  Not knowing if your puppy would live from day to day is not very comforting.  The minute I held the puppy I bonded with him...obviously or we wouldn't have paid that much for him.
Since you are clearly an advocate of Cavaliers King Charles Spaniels, I was hoping you could help me with this.  My step son lives in Denver so we go there often.  Each time we do we always stop at the pet store.  They have had a Cavalier every time I have been in there.
Just one more question and then I will stop taking up your time.  I was sent papers for Cedar from the APRI to register her.  Timbers papers are from a different registry.  Why is this?  The research I have done doesn't even seem to acknowledge this registry that Cedar has.  I haven't sent the papers in because I need to know how recognized this group is.
I would so kindly appreciate any input you have for this situation.
Best Regards,


Thank you so much for giving us permission to post your story here on the website at I-Love-Cavaliers.com. Maybe your experience  will make others stop and think about the risks involved when
buying a puppy from a pet shop!

The world's most loveable
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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