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Pet Shop Puppies

 Is it okay to buy a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel at a pet store?

    "Where should I go to find a Cavalier puppy?"
    "Is it okay to buy a Cavalier from a pet shop?"
We get a lot of questions about where to find healthy, happy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies.  Our answer is always to buy a puppy from a reputable Cavalier breeder, rather than from a pet shop.

A responsible breeder puts a great deal
of time and effort into breeding dogs that will be healthy and have a good disposition, while pet shops all too often get their puppies from puppy mills that are only interested in breeding and selling as many dogs as possible.

It's nearly impossible not to fall in love with a Cavalier puppy. They are all so adorable and cuddly!  But to take a loveable little puppy home with you - only to find out that the puppy has a serious health problem that may require expensive veterinarian care - is truly heartbreaking!

While we always recommend that you take your new puppy to a Vet asap, you don't expect to find serious health conditions in a puppy bred by a quality dog breeder. However, you can't fully investigate the breeding standards behind the cute little Cavalier in the pet shop window.

One of our website visitors recently sent us her sad story about buying a pet shop puppy. We've posted Lisa's email on our website to warn everyone who is considering buying a Cavalier from a pet shop. 

Grab a hankie! You wouldn't wish this kind of trouble
on any dog lover!

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