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What's in your dog's food?

Cavalier King Charles
                                        Spaniel Puppies come in four
                                        delightful color combinations:
                                        Blenheim, Ruby, Tricolor and
                                        Black and Tan.

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Thinking of buying a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel? Search our Breeder's Directory here.

Wondering if the Cavalier Spaniel breed is right  for you? Trying to determine whether the puppies for sale in your local newspaper have been raised by a reputable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeder? 

Here are some helpful articles for you:

Attention:  Breeders

I-Love-Cavaliers.com wants to hear from you!

We are in the process of developing a Breeders Directory and listing of Puppies-For-Sale. Contact us to learn more about showcasing your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel kennel on this website!

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